Every Thursday morning Brenda prepares food for 40 to 50 homeless humans from all over Brooklyn. She’s been running this ministry through the Grace Chapel Church in Woodstock for over 8 years. At noon the doors are opened and anyone is welcome to attend the short service in our church building, where after everybody in attendance sits down for a meal together.

About Brenda

Brenda Adams is a 64-year-old mother of two girls. For the past six years Brenda has taken it upon herself to prepare the food for the Ysterplaat Community Church Ministry for the Homeless. This weekly community feeding programme was initiated by the Grace Chapel Christian Church in Woodstock, Cape Town who is also the main funder behind this project. Through her voluntary service at Ysterplaat Community Church, Brenda strives to help and uplift people despite their heritage and current situation by provide them with a warm, nutritious meal – something that isn’t always a given for the majority of people in the Ysterplaat community.

“Let your community be your testimony” –
Jaco Strydom

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