The Ysterplaat ECHO House forms part of the ECHO Youth Development programme, and functions as an intentional living commune, where all residents are responsible for contributing something of value to the community. ECHO communities are generally a group of people who is passionate about community and believes that, when everybody brings their gifts and skills to the table, a difference can be made.

About the organisation

ECHO Youth Development is a registered non-profit organisation (Sec 18(A) 930033233; 2001/02573308) founded in 2001 to provide a support system for vulnerable youth in South-Africa. High school youth and young adults from different cultures live together in 13 houses, known as ECHO Communities. ECHO is based in Pretoria but there are also smaller ECHO Communities in Johannesburg, Centurion, Cape Town and Stellenbosch. ECHO Youth Development hosts weekly youth programs and free counselling services at a number of schools.

“Don’t tell them Jesus loves them, ‘til you are ready to love them too.” – The Echo motto

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