At Ysterplaat Community Church we believe in the ways of the early church where everyone joined together to share a meal, pray and no one lacked a thing (Acts 2). That’s why we’d like to extend an invitation to everyone in our community to join us at the dinner table – every Thursday evening at 7pm. This idea was inspired by the ECHO Community we are apart of, and we look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come.

“When everyone shares everything, everybody needs less.” – Scott Peck


With every meal we share we want to build relationships with each other. We love people, and believe that when we share ourselves and our stuff with those around us, we can work together to heal each other and our community through the strength we receive from Jesus.


We are always in need of an extra helping hand to assist with preparing the meals. If you would like to join our team feel free to contact us. We'll be in touch with further details.

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  • Kids