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Ysterplaat-South is a Dutch reformed church that was established in 1953 in response to an overflow of congregants at the original Ysterplaat Congregation. Since the beginning of 2017 the church council, in partnership with the Grootekerk, decided to open its doors and hearts in an effort to serve the more immediate needs of the Ysterplaat community.


Ysterplaat is a suburb of Cape Town that has seen plenty of hardships over the years. The demographics of the residents in the area are diverse in terms of age and ethnicity, and the suburb is densely populated by low income families, refugees, migrants, unemployed residents and receivers of social grants. As a result, Ysterplaat is home to high risk, homeless and vulnerable children that fight for survival from a very young age. The Ysterplaat Community Centre was established as a safe haven for helpless and underprivileged individuals. As a fairly new institution, we are still in the process of refining our goals and determining how we can serve through love and best utilise the space in a way that excludes no one and protects the dignity and rights of those on the margins.


Ysterplaat is a place where each person no matter your background is welcome. We strive to serve and love without any conditions.


Ysterplaat is home to high risk, homeless and vulnerable children that fight for survival from a very young age.


Our doors and hearts are open to serve the immediate needs of the community. We care deeply and want to uplift the communuty.

We Believe

We believe that God has equipped us so that we can successfully achieve His purpose for our lives which is to worship God, fulfil our role in the Church and serve the community in which we live.

Our Team

We are a team of Christian bfollowers, involved in the greatest action on planet earth...building the Kingdom of God!



With a contagious zest for life, Scherlize passionately believes in the potential of all people. Her role as pastor and passion for the community and desire to see people live a life of purpose and influence, in right relationship with God, fuels everything that she does. 



She’s a mother of 6, and grand mother of 10. Aunty Madge (as the children calls her) is still willing, at the age of 76, to use her gifts and talents to serve her community. She is responsible for the menu and preparing the nutritious meals the kids receive everyday at the after care centre. 



Salomon Barnard, better known as Uncle Barney, is a father of four children. He grew up and worked in Pretoria, and moved to Ysterplaat 10 years ago. He is responsible for our beautiful garden. He does not believe in retirement, but to serve the community using his gift of working with nature.



Brenda Adams is a 64-year-old mother of two girls with a contagious spirit. The past six years she took it upon herself to prepare food for the homeless. She strives to help and uplift people despite their heritage and current situation by providing them with a warm, nutritious meal.


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